The Space Shanti "Home"

A truck stop in space. A hovel. A space trailer park. A group of non citizens of no where atempting to survive in the most hostile environment known to man, space. L5 Orbit. Is the section of earth orbital space where the unwanted washes up. The lower Larange orbits are highly populated by all manner of corporate and private orbital city states. Stations that are nations onto themselves. L5 is where anything that was anything ends up including people. Free births, Humans who could not afford upgrades, older models of just about everything, runaway corporate endentures, Robots.

L5 Orbit is the home to the hackers. Patent Violators, Pirates. In L5 everything is custom. Nothing is new. Nothing is legal as there are no law and or law enforcement. The citizens of L5 space live by different codes which shift and changed based on who and where you are dealing with.

L5 is cyberpunk, meets transhuman space. Tech levels are high if you can afford it. Quality of your tech varies. Everything is patented. Royalties are enforced by corporate law. Corporate Bounty Hunters abound in L5 space. Mobsters, Gang Leaders, and Pirate Princes all have their territories.

This is the back ground for Space Shanti. The environment in which a group of desperate people try to build and operate a waystation in L5 Orbit. A launching point for the helium 5 and other mining cargo ships, a communication hub. A repair base. A warehouse, a market and of course a home. Space Shanti is a co-op of sorts. It has many working parts. Many area of expertise is needed in order to maintain, grow, collect rents, oxygen and water rents.

The Space Shanti "Home"

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